Students Secure Top Spots In Archery Competition

Three students from Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah Karachi took part in a city level archery competition organised by Pakistan Customs at the Pakistan Customs ground.

Twenty participants competed in the 18 metre professional category of the contest, which saw the 1st, 2nd and 4th position go to the three participants from Aljamea.

The gold medal went to Murtaza Haidermota from standard 4, while the silver went to Mustafa Najmi from standard 8 and 4th position went to Moiz Haryanawala also from standard 4.

The educational philosophy at Aljamea puts great emphasis on holistic development. In addition to striving for academic excellence, student are encouraged to take part and excel in all forms of extra curricular activities, especially sports. A wide array of sporting facilities are made available to students in the Academy's Khaima al-Riyāḍa sports complex.

Archery, like horseback riding is one of the more recent introductions to the sporting spectrum at Aljamea, and for the young toxophilites to have achieved such a considerable command over the sport is indeed commendable. It is inspired by a Prophetic tradition which encourages Muslims to teach their children archery, horseback riding and swimming.

In addition to the concept of archery and its various implements being a rich and oft used motif in Arabic as well as Fatimi literature and philosophy, the practise of archery is known to instill a host of essential skills and values. Practised today predominantly as a competitive sport and leisure activity, archery instills patience, determination, accuracy, focus and strength while teaching the all important skill of actively identifying goals and doing the needful to attain them.

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