We have already in passing commented upon in the last paragraph of the commentary to verse 24, to the two aspects of ʿaql, namely that which is gifted and that which is acquired. Gifted, naturally refers to that potentiality in man which is inherent and not acquired. It finds place in man as an act of Allah. The acquired aspect bears reference to the capacity of that substance—potentiality to rise and in the ultimate analysis to be emancipated through the process of purification.

Exercising such ʿaql man has been required to ponder upon Creation and determine that which is the first, the fundamental, the unchanging, the irreplaceable factor, latent in every created thing—namely, the power of Allah. Once the determination is made, then the inescapable conclusion of the existence of the Creator must be acknowledged.

At this stage, the author apparently concludes his observations on this section of the work. He says the stage is now set for man to come out with the knowledge ʿaql has acquired. Come out, signifies, proclaim to the world. Lost in the maze of the material world man, in the present age, has hardly the time, the inclination or the volition to bother about knowledge or the philosophy of Creation. In fact it has become fashionable to brand the pursuit of such knowledge as a perversion, to refer to this philosophy as the mumbo jumbo of clerics and facilely deny the existence of the Creator.

To counteract this trend therefore, that man, who has now comprehended the creation, has known the power of the Creator and has been irrevocably confirmed in the knowledge of the existence of the Creator, must boldly, confidently, go forth and proclaim his faith to the world.