The suggestion contained in verse 23 is now more explicitly given expression to. Man who has seen manifested the power of Allah should desist by a deliberate act of will to deny the Creator. Once again the verse exclaims the natural, the obvious reaction of the author ‘glory be to the master.’

Man who has been endowed with the priceless gift of ʿaql has to comprehend the virtues of the gift and through its exercise know his Creator. He should not by a deliberate act disown the Creator. The word ʿaql seems to be used in the two-fold meaning illustrated earlier namely, the inherent entity within man and the lofty status ʿaql acquires by virtue of training, discipline and proper conditioning. The inherent potentiality was gifted so as to acquire knowledge and receive the light. The knowledge that is to be acquired is of the omnipotence of the Creator and once this is done to obey His dictates as revealed and thereafter to find emancipation through the radiant grace.

The reader will observe that the author when he refers to an ʿaql which has been gifted also has in mind another shade of the concept of ʿaql namely, ʿaql which man acquires by conditioning. The acquired attribute is to be found in the words of the verse: ‘Therefore know Him do not disown Him.’