We have seen that within every element of creation there is a motivating force referred to as ‘power.’ We have further seen, that the motivating force or power in the ultimate analysis is related back to the original attribute of power of the First Creation i.e. the energy provided for, and, or given by Allah.

The author exhorts us to think seriously, critically and precisely on the secrets of this power. In other words, the thought process and approach required is that of a research scientist. An exhaustive and comprehensive inquiry is called for into the marvellous secrets and properties of that ‘power.’ And the seeker is further exhorted not to allow confusion to cloud his inquiry nor permit fatigue or boredom to hamper it.

The fruits of the inquiry will be a revelation of the infiniteness and supreme majesty of Allah’s power. The inquiry into the power cannot be direct, as power is intangible and devoid of the attributes of matter. As such the subject matter of the inquiry will have to be the creation. It is no doubt a vast and limitless field, wherein the smallest particle by itself confounds the intellect and reason of man. But says the author, the subject must be attacked without confusion, without tiring and boredom. The seeker must relentlessly search until he has unravelled the secrets of Allah’s power.