The power of the Creator is the pivot, the focal point. We have already seen that atomic energy relates back to the atom. The enabling energy in the atom is the creation of Allah. The use of the word ‘power’ leads us to consider the philosophic notion, that the first created were endowed with three principal attributes, viz. life, knowledge and power. Life, in the sense of an extant living being, knowledge of itself and power or ability.

In an earlier verse, we have seen that Allah ’empowers, designs and arranges.’ The author in verse 21 intimates that, the ‘power’ behind all these processes of empowering, designing and arranging, in the ultimate analysis, bears relation to that power which was created by Allah. The power is the pivot around which each subject of creation, nay, the entire creation revolves, in its own orbit and in the larger orbit of creation. Metaphorically, it has been narrated that Allah has appointed an angel to administer everything that has been created; to see that it behaves and functions in the manner designed by Allah and to keep it in its proper place. The angel here signifies the law of nature by which all creation is controlled, managed, directed and operated.