Once again the fundamental principle is enunciated here, namely, that comprehension of the created, i.e. the subject of creation is the only and unfailing method for the comprehension of the omnipotence of the Creator.

If man ponders over each subject of creation, its formation, qualities, capacities and then further delves into the interrelation of each to the whole conception of the cosmic universe, and at the same time comprehends but an iota of it, man will avow the existence of the Creator and the futility of aspiring to a knowledge of the Creator.

He will rest satisfied in the knowledge that the Creator exists, will endeavour to understand the prolific manifestations in the universe of the Creator’s omnipotence and profit by them. The term ‘higher view’ is idiomatic and covers the idea of a view of the creation from a higher plane of ʿaql, i.e. a view taken by ʿaql which has reached a higher state of perfection and comprehension.