Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Mumbai (Marol) had its first Parent-Teacher meeting on Saturday 3rd March at its campus in Marol. Standards four and six were chosen as they are at points in their educational journey that are considered pivotal.  The event was a first of its kind for the Mumbai campus where parents had been collectively and formally invited to meet teachers and discuss their children’s progress.

The day began with various addresses by faculty members beginning with the principal, Sheikh Khuzaima Shajapurwala, and then various department heads and teachers. They explained the very special philosophy of education at Aljamea, the administrative processes and tackled various issues that were seen to be common to all the students.

The parents were asked to take a ‘Know your child’ quiz with 25 questions designed to strengthen their bonds with their children considering they spend most of their time now apart since Aljamea functions in a residential campus.  The quiz looked at student’s preferences, academic inclinations and other personal points and proved to be an eye-opener for most families.
The parents were then taken to see displays of students’ work and to meet with teachers such as the individual class tutors, the Holy Quran faculty and the teachers of Arabic and English. These areas of focus were important with regards to what the institute was expecting from the parents and students in terms of ongoing study during the forthcoming end of year vacation. The event was a success and parents’ response was universally positive. Calls were made for this type of event to be held regularly and throughout the other Aljamea campuses.