October, 2018 proved especially memorable for students of Standard Two due to their visit to Panchgani hill station in Satara district Maharashtra. Approximately 120 boys and girls together with 10 teachers undertook the three day field trip to explore and experience the rich topography and agro-industries that have become synonymous with the area.

Visits to cheese, honey and strawberry agro-industrial units were planned in a manner that made students understand, and participate in the steps the commodity went through from farm to package.

At one of the agro-industrial units

Students were quite intrigued by the level of skill and planning required for these businesses to adhere to zero-waste, pollution-free practices, which were all the more imperative to safeguard the pristine and biodiverse region they were situated in.

The breathtaking topography of the area proved an effective Geography refresher course for the young scholars giving them the opportunity to appreciate and study landforms, in situ, that had previously been pictures on screens or in textbooks.

Students and teachers appreciating the natural beauty

They witnessed the majestic contours of the Western Ghats, in general, and also admired the diverse mesas, hillocks, basins and plateaus that define the area. The scenic beauty of the location made this learning opportunity all the more enjoyable.