Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah Karachi was awarded second prize at the 69th Pakistan Annual Flower show under the University Gardens category on the 20th of February, 2020. The award was presented to faculty members by His Excellency President Arif Alvi at a ceremony which came as the culmination of a gardening competition organised by the Horticultural Society of Pakistan. Established in 1948 the society aims to cultivate a network of enthusiasts and create awareness about the need for functional green spaces within urban institutions and neighbourhoods by providing assistance and technical expertise.

The Aljamea Auditorium garden which showcases lush green lawns, fruit bearing trees, ornamental shrubs and a variety of perennial as well as seasonal flowers fulfilled the criteria set by the Horticultural Society and impressed the judges with its attention to detail and deep rooted conceptual background. In Fatimi philosophy and literature, gardens are symbolic of intellectual pursuits which delight the soul, bring it happiness and nourish it with the resultant fruition. Throughout all campuses of the Academy, gardens inspired by Quranic verses and historic references from the Fatimi era feature prominently and serve as functional spaces for creative exploration and study.