With trowels in hand and spades in tow, Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah Nairobi came out on Sunday the 25th of February to partake in the farming and gardening initiative. Students young and old accompanied by faculty set to work tilling and cleaning the 30-acre plot of land adjacent to the Jamea campus which has thus far remained largely unused.

The step garden that extends from the outer boundary wall to the base of the Mawaid building intended as a subsistence garden was also reinvigorated anew.

The farming and gardening initiative sets out to promote larger green spaces in and around the campus while introducing a community-wide movement to reclaim unused land and put it to productive use. Fruits and vegetables that thrive in the climatic conditions of Langata such as tomatoes, watermelons, lettuce and potatoes have been planted and will be taken care of by Aljamea and the community in unison.