Four officials all of the rank of Senior Assistant Director visited Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah Nairobi for an assessment on behalf of the State Education Department. Their purpose was to assess the institution on certain core issues which include:

  • The IGCSE curriculum and its implementation in Aljamea.
  • The quality of teaching staff.
  • The calibre of facilities provided to students.
  • Administration of the institution.

During the course of their visit, the officers were accompanied by the various members of faculty relevant to the departments being examined, who guided and acquainted the guests with details pertaining to the departments.

The officers expressed great admiration and were well satisfied by the surpassing standard of facilities provided. As the team leader Dr Evelyn Owuko put it, they were eager to visit ‘again and again’.

Below are some of the comments they penned down describing the impact of their visit.

‘Excellent facilities, very modern and meets international standards. If this can be replicated it would be wonderful’.
Joseph Wambua
Senior Assistant Director. Economics and Business studies

‘An organised institution with great potential for tomorrow’s world. Other institutions should follow suit’.
Esther A Onyango
Senior Assistant Director Quality Assurance and Standards Ministry of Education (English language/Literature) State Department of Basic Education