The Department of Dissertations in Aljamea Karachi organised an interactive academic research and writing workshop for the students of standard 8 and 9. Students are required to submit their extended Masters dissertation at the end of standard 10 and thereafter defend it in a viva voce debate, witnessed by the rectors, faculty and senior students of Aljamea in standard 11. As a result, the 8th and 9th year are crucial for research and the preliminary structuring of ideas and content.

The workshop conducted by Arwa Husain a PHD scholar at Concordia University Canada, was aimed at helping students understand the requisites and methods for producing quality academic writing.

This workshop was part of a series of events and sessions organised by the department each week focusing on the different aspects of academic writing such as: collection and evaluation of sources, academic integrity and plagiarism, critical thinking and the formulation of thesis statements among others.

Students as well as faculty members actively engaged with the conductor in what can be summed up as an energetic and productive workshop.