Nairobi Senator and Langata MP visit Aljamea

Senator Sakaja Johnson of Nairobi county and Mr Nixon Korir, advocate and member of parliament for Langata constituency, visited the Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah Nairobi campus on the 24th of March, 2018.

In what turned out to be one of the most extensive tours of the campus by any visiting dignitary, the honourable guests toured almost every corner of the campus for close to four and a half hours, appreciating and learning about even some of the campus' design and philosophical intricacies.

Upon hearing of the holistic approach to education adopted by Aljamea, Mr Korir was quick to remark,

'What you are doing here is very noble. During my time in law school, all we were taught was what was in the book, your focus on character building along with academic advancement is truly commendable'.

The philosophy of light and openness was also explained to the guests. They were told how the campus design and layout is in itself a manifestation of this philosophy. From the radiant axis which is a central corridor that runs east to west along the diurnal parth of the sun, to the glass facade of Mahad al-Zahra, to the Quranic verses inscribed on the academy emblem, the philosophy of light and openness is ubiquitous. Upon hearing the meaning of the Quranic inscription 'become enlightened by what you teach and learn', Senator Johnson said he had seldom come across in a university setting, the notion that those who impart knowledge should also strive towards enlightenment alongside students.

The guests were then shown the swimming pool and gymnasium where the senator Johnson and his close friend MP Korir, challenged each other in a brief weightlifting duel.

The high-spirited light-hearted tour then progressed on to the student residences where the Senator remarked, 'with facilities like this, nobody has an excuse not to study'.

A special moment for both guests during the tour was their visit to the Mawāʾid. Upon entering, they saw members of the dāna committee, a group of students who ensure not a single morsel or dāna of food is wasted, in action clearing the thāls (large communal serving platters) before they went back to the kitchen. This is part of a community wide initiative launched by His Holiness Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS to eliminate food wastage. In awe of their dedication, Senator Johnston praised the students commenting that in a world filled with hunger, it was heartwarming to witness such concern for food wastage.

At the end of the tour the Senator expressed his regret at not having visited the institution sooner and vowed to bring the Governor of Nairobi in the near future.

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