The Department of Dissertations

The dissertation process is invaluable preparation for advanced research and applied scholarship. A quality dissertation provides evidence of scholarly attainment in research, capacity for critical analysis and clarity and coherence of thoughts and arguments. Acceptable dissertations must not only demonstrate a sophisticated appreciation of Fatimi scholarship but also provide an insightful analysis and evaluation of all relevant traditional and modern scholarship.

Students submit their dissertations at the end of their 10th year and defend them, the following year, in an open forum comprising of examiners, faculty and senior students. In contrast with most such forums, the chair of the dissertation defence usually delivers a brief discourse related to the topic of the dissertation which facilitates a unique understanding of its research focus for students and faculty alike. The dissertation defence constitutes an important platform where faculty and students discuss the appropriateness of research approaches, suggest avenues for improving research practice and propose new areas and frameworks for study. Far from being private assemblies, the series of dissertation defences, each academic year, are a much anticipated and appreciated public feature of higher education at the academy. They are frequently attended by alumni, other community members, and are even observed by the rectors from time to time.

The Department of Dissertations facilitates students at each stage of the dissertation process which includes helping students narrow topics, have proposals accepted, procure permissions and resources, avail quality supervision and write academically.

Sample Dissertation Topics
SpecialisationDissertation Topic
 Jurisprudence Food Hygiene: Comparing Islamic Legal Discourse and Prescription with Current Practice Within the Community
The Manifestations Of ‘Patience’ and its Virtues in Islamic Law
Community Marriage Rituals: A Sociological Study
 History The Qarāmita and their Origins
The Political Insight of Amir al-Mumineen Ali bin Abi Talib AS in Appointing his Governors
 Literature Philosophical Standpoints in the Poetry of Early Yemeni Poets
The ʿĀshura Sermon: A Case Study of Ideal Oratory and Practice