Faculty of Philosophy (Hikma)

Philosophy is considered one of the most important subjects at Aljamea. The fifty-two epistles of Ikhwān al-Safāʾ composed by Imam Ahmad al-Taqi AS form the basis of Fatimi philosophy and are extensively studied throughout the last three stages. Imam Ahmed AS classified philosophy into four broad fields of knowledge: physical, logical, empirical and spiritual. This sequence leads students through progressive stages of comprehension beginning with the tangible and subsequently reaching the metaphysical.

The philosophical works of Syedna Hamiduddin al-Kirmani RA and Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA also form an integral part of the course. In addition to these philosophical compositions, students study the writings of other prominent thinkers and philosophers.

StageCore Topics


  • Volume I of the epistles of Ikhwān al-Safāʾ which include treatises on mathematics, geometry, music, astronomy.


  • Volume II and III of the epistles which focus on logic and an introduction to the philosophy of the empirical sciences.
  • Philosophical works by Syedna Hamiduddin al-Kirmani RA
  • Introduction to classical philosophy.


  • Volume IV of the epistles which focus on the spiritual sciences, philosophy of theology and the philosophy of Islamic jurisprudence.
  • Introduction to modern and post-modern philosophy.
  • General overview of the Islamic philosophical and kalām tradition. 
  • Select philosophical treatises by Syedna Hamiduddin al-Kirmani RA.