Computer Lab & Language Centre


The Maʿmal, or Aljamea’s computer lab provides computing resources for staff and students to engage in academic pursuits, fulfil course assignments and enhance computer literacy.

The lab also provides training in various areas such as multimedia, software, operating systems, photo editing and word processing. With over fifty terminals, it is well equipped to handle classes and group presentations while simultaneously catering to individuals who prefer self-instruction at their own pace and time.

Other facilities such as printing, scanning, audio video editing and graphic design services are also available.


Adjacent to the computer lab is the language centre. First constructed in the early 80s, the Language Centre is the brainchild of the late rector of Aljamea, Shahzāda Dr. Yusuf Najmuddin QR. It is a pioneer in the use of audio technology for the instruction and teaching of the Quran and languages in the Indian subcontinent. The initial system, imported from Norway, has now been updated and comprises a series of computer terminals and an instructor station at the front of the classroom.