The Adroit Master

There once lived a man who created works of art so unspeakably magnificent, that the masses thronged to behold them. The colours were vivid, the strokes elegant and all who lay eyes upon them were enamoured in an instant. All, save one. The adroit master chanced by these works of great renown one morning and discerned within them a flaw to which all other eyes were blinded by the exuberant show of colours. The master was appalled. Taking a piece [...]

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Quote of the week 1

‘Those most reluctant to benefit from a scholar's knowledge and wisdom are his children followed by his relatives and then his neighbours. This reluctance is perpetuated by the belief that his knowledge is within reach and available whenever it is sought. A true scholar is akin to a fount that men seek out so as to quench their thirsts with its waters. Alas, the fount recedes even as they take from it, and ultimately all are left in a state [...]

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