Community Service

Community service is an integral part of the educational experience at Aljamea. From their very first year at Aljamea, students participate in community service at various urban centres and rural villages throughout India and other countries, particularly during the auspicious Islamic months of Muharram and Ramaḍān and during a five-day annual upliftment drive which is spearheaded by the Academy. This service takes students to urban metropolises such as London or Mumbai and to small villages and towns such as Aqimat al-Miqab in the Haraz Mountains in Yemen or Virdi in the Indian state of Gujarat. This unique experience allows students to acquaint themselves with the intricacies associated with community service, strengthens their sense of civic engagement and helps them achieve their educational, developmental and social goals. Among the benefits accrued, is the opportunity to learn new languages, live in another culture, and develop career and leadership skills. Most importantly, however, such opportunities of service and helping other human beings are inherent to any form of learning in the Fatimi context. Knowledge is made true only by acting in its accordance.

During the course of this privileged service, students conduct teaching sessions, study and address local needs, distribute financial aid and provide counsel to local community members. This opportunity acquaints them with the socio-economic realities of community members and helps bridge the academic and practical realms. When these students return to Aljamea, they demonstrate, through various forms of assessment, how their service has contributed to their education.

Service rendered during the course of a student’s eleven years in Aljamea enables and prepares him or her for lifelong service to the community once graduated. The bulk of clergy and administration of the Dawoodi Bohra community are graduates of Aljamea and their role in the overall development and progress of the community is substantial.