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Verse 35: Like Twins

  The relationship between faith and society has always been a matter of keen debate. There are those that have valued faith for the ethical and moral authority it yields, while others have singled it out as a source of conflict and bloodshed. Using the definite article, the author asserts that, according to Fatimi philosophy, the spiritual and temporal worlds are like twins. In order to understand this relationship, it is first necessary to comprehend what dīn is, and how [...]

2021-06-03T20:28:37+03:00June 3rd, 2021|Philosophy|

Verse 34: Winds of Destruction

In this verse, the author stipulates that if laws and statutes fail to align themselves to fiṭra - the natural order, then they will be susceptible and ultimately collapse. The use of the metaphoric winds of destruction razing a structure can be said to allude to the Quranic parable of a tribe named ʿĀd and a City of Pillars called Iram. Allah states, ‘Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with ʿĀd? [and] with Iram, [a city] of lofty [...]

2021-06-03T20:28:37+03:00June 3rd, 2021|Philosophy|

Verse 33: Allah’s Fiṭrat

In this verse, three propositions are made: the natural world functions in a well-defined and orderly manner, a system is required to govern mankind’s life in this world and the more these laws conform to the natural order, the more facilitative they will be and the easier they will be to uphold. The initial verses of this ‘Philosophical Discourse’ reveal the existence of a clearly defined natural order. In verses 6 and 7, the parallel drawn between the intellect’s capacity [...]

2021-06-03T20:28:37+03:00June 2nd, 2021|Philosophy|

Verse 32: Divine Grace

In the introduction to the first volume, Amir al-Jamea Shahzada Dr Yusuf bhaisaheb Najmuddin QR expressed his intention to further explore the literary devices used in this ‘Philosophical Discourse’. The parallels drawn between faiḍ – divine grace – and the rays of the sun enable one to understand the abundance of faiḍ, its continued immanence and its centrality in sustaining Creation. The verse uses two descriptions of faiḍ. First, the word jār which is usually associated with a flow, like [...]

2021-06-03T20:28:37+03:00June 1st, 2021|Philosophy|

The Supplications of Imam ʿAli Zayn al-ʿAbideen AS

Renowned for his piety and dedication to the Almighty’s worship, Maulana al-Imam ʿAli bin al-Imam al-Husain AS is famously known as Zayn al-ʿAbideen, Adornment of the Worshippers, as well as al-Sajjād, the one who prostrates frequently. Historical accounts report that he completed a thousand rakaʾāt (pl. of rakʿa, the basic unit of Muslim prayer, namaz, consisting of a bow and two prostrations) every single day. The Imam also authored a number of supplicatory and petitionary prayers which eloquently capture the [...]

2021-06-03T20:28:37+03:00May 3rd, 2021|News & Events|

An Educator and his Passion for Bonsai

Business Daily What piques your interest when you look at a tree? Is it the size or colour of its flower? For Ahmedali Hebatullah, who lives in Nairobi, it is the branches and roots; how they look, how they are growing and to which direction. To him, trees are living works of art. From them, he draws inspiration that he applies to his art of making Bonsai trees. Bonsai trees are miniature versions of real-life trees. Exceptionally detailed, with every [...]

2021-06-03T20:28:37+03:00April 23rd, 2021|News & Events|

Aljamea Students and Faculty Embrace Online Learning

Due to the ongoing global pandemic and in the interest of safety, all four campuses of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah are currently engaged in online learning. Nearly three months have now passed since the start of the new academic year, and despite the fact that students and faculty members are spread out across multiple continents and time zones, the process of enlightening minds and enriching souls remains undiminished.   In Fatimi philosophy, the pursuit of knowledge is a perennial practice undeterred by the [...]

2021-06-03T20:28:37+03:00August 5th, 2020|News & Events|

Karachi Campus Auditorium Wins Second Prize at Pakistan Flower Show

Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah Karachi was awarded second prize at the 69th Pakistan Annual Flower show under the University Gardens category on the 20th of February, 2020. The award was presented to faculty members by His Excellency President Arif Alvi at a ceremony which came as the culmination of a gardening competition organised by the Horticultural Society of Pakistan. Established in 1948 the society aims to cultivate a network of enthusiasts and create awareness about the need for functional green spaces within urban [...]

2021-06-03T20:28:37+03:00May 1st, 2020|News & Events|

Verse 31: Innumerable Blessings

Numerous verses in the Quran call upon us to acknowledge Allah’s countless blessings and express our gratitude for them: These verses establish that Allah Taʿālā: is the source of all blessings, has blessed man with an array of blessings that are beyond count and comprehension, and has directed man to express his gratitude for these blessings, despite his incapacity to even count them, and in return has assured him of further blessings. Allah’s blessings are so all-encompassing that Amirul Mumineen [...]

2022-02-10T12:50:37+03:00April 16th, 2020|Philosophy|

Verse 30: Praise and Gratitude

By using the fāʾ al-sababiyya (the letter fāʾ as a particle of cause) at the beginning of this verse, the author states that man should venerate the Almighty for He has created him in a perfect form. In verses 21 to 29, he has outlined the means through which man can offer such praise: by (1) venerating his Creator, (2) enlightening his soul, (3) comprehending the capacities of his intellect, and (4) realising his true value. The author also asserts [...]

2022-02-10T12:50:43+03:00April 11th, 2020|Philosophy|
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