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Science Fair at Aljamea Karachi

Students from Thaqāfat ʿĀmma (the first four years of Aljamea’s 11-year course equivalent to higher secondary studies) held a science fair on the theme of energy conservation, on the 3rd of February in the Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Karachi’s campus courtyard. Drawing inspiration from subjects such as biology, physics, chemistry and geography — commonly known as ʿUlūm Kawniyya in Aljamea — students displayed 21 projects which outlined diverse and creative ways to conserve energy for a cleaner more sustainable future. The interdisciplinary approach [...]

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Pearl Season

As man comes to his end, the oyster of his form is laid asunder. Whether a pearl emerges or naught, determines his true worth. The Droplet The first rays of dawn tore through the scanty clouds and lingering fog, illuminating and warming. While the soft breeze gently nudged a dew drop over the cusp of a fresh green blade and into the languid stream that gently flowed, longing for the sea. The throes of winter had been defeated, and as [...]

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